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March 2014

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#selfie while mom was making a roti for me at 230am. #momsarethebest Was a super long night of emceeing! Reminder to visit my blog full of daily updates, fun articles, music picks, behind the scenes and so much more. You can submit content,…

March 27, 2014
Drinks Yum

Strawberry/Banana Smoothie

So yesterday for breakfast I was a bit on the unhealthy side, however this morning I said; Rose you gotta get back on track and surprisingly when I opened my refrigerator – I saw that I actually had some pretty decent ingredients to make…

March 24, 2014
Gallery Personal

Cupcakes for breakfast?

Lookkkkk what I had for breakfast!!! ok not both just half. Discovered a Crumbs Bake Shop in Queens Center Mall on Level 1A. I was super excited to buy me some cupcakes and of course trying new flavors is a must (for me) The…

March 22, 2014
Entertainment News


While we all know that Gauri Khan and Sussanne Roshan are very good friends but what we don’t know is that both of them have joined hands to launch a real-estate project. According to a Mid-Day report, the two gorgeous women will launch a…

March 21, 2014

The dynamic duo, who both starred as professionals on Dancing With the Stars, just announced they are going on a tour of North America with their live show Move Live on Tour. “No matter where we go in the world, the question we hear…

March 18, 2014
Music Picks My Videos

5 Star Akil – To Meh Heart

Every time I hear this song it brings a smile o my face, its infectious and my hips starts moving instantly!!! Considered a role model amongst youth of Trinidad & Tobago, Akil Borneo has set himself high standards and positive values. At a very…

March 18, 2014
Emcee Gallery

Emceeing on a Float

Sunday March 16th the lovely folks at Ena’s Driving School asked me to emcee on their float for the 26th Annual HPFC Phagwah Parade. There were other sponsors as well. Dj Turbulence Hi Power were on the ones and twos. It was insane, the…

March 17, 2014