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August 2016


My 1st Makeup Tutorial Experience

It seems like from ever since I delved into the entertainment business many years ago, countless makeup artists have always tended to my face whenever I had events or shows to host. However, I finally had the opportunity to attend a makeup tutorial recently…

August 22, 2016

Conquering some fears

Small spaces: The room was hot and steamy; I couldn’t see at all. I was in my robe, a was hesitant.  I heard a voice, through the steam and I noticed a woman lying about 3 feet away.  She said “hi” and I replied…

August 9, 2016

Choosing Clothes for Our Body Type

As human beings, we are blessed to be sculpted in different shapes and sizes.  Hence, designers have also fashioned different apparel styles to cater to different body types. First off we should know what is our ideal body and corresponding clothes size. This is…

August 1, 2016