What I should have done

June 1, 2015

What I should have done

1. In life, who knows what path it may take us down? Hence guidance is key in the maturation process for anyone. Sure as kids and teenagers, we have our rebellious ways paired with equivalent gallons of stubbornness to share with the world. Never the less as one matures we realize that life is much more than just a pleasurable phase of enjoyment during adolescents and a world is just waiting for us to embark upon and become a member of the “ Real Society”.

When I graduated at the age of 16, my Mother advised me to go directly to college and pursue my education further. During this age one must admit that your mind is young and fresh and buzzing with all sorts of activity. It is at this age our cognitive ability is so tender and thirsting for education that it peeks to be the best time to further one’s learning ability and go directly to higher education. However after all the previous years of learning and religiously going to school takes a toll on our psyche and after experiencing the liberating feeling of graduation, it can prompt us to take some time off for one’s self. Is this the right thing to do? For many families who steer there younger ones properly, they would almost demand that they beat the fire while it’s hot and continue studying as they dream of you being young and accomplished in your life while still having an early advantage when you reach your twenties to explore jobs and build your experience.

I should have listened to my mother’s advice. I mean the teenage years are when we want to grow up and do adult things. Sometimes listening to our parents isn’t what we want to do. Someone once said to me “moms knows best”, at that age I didn’t really understand what it meant, but fast forward years later I know exactly what point they were trying to make.

2. Another aspect I must dwell upon is the fact that in my early 20’s I realized that I shared a passion for radio broadcasting. When one realizes that they are driven by some intrinsic quality towards something, it is only fair that you would want to investigate it more and try to decipher if the holistic image of how it is perceived is truly a real representation. Never the less, I treated radio as a hobby and a side “pick me up” to amuse my fancies and didn’t believe that I would excel so well in it. As I sit and write this now, I must confess that I should have pursued my broadcasting ability more, making it my prime focus as I’m currently engulfed in this world as a radio personality and concert host. I say this because time waits on no one and the experiences and teachings I would have accrued had I made it another priority in life would have been much greater and made me much wiser in the present.

3. I have come to the realization that the words Pioneer, Risk taker, and innovator holds significant meaning to it. Think of individuals like Steve Jobs, Vincent McMahon, Donald Trump, these are people who marched to the beat of their own drums sometimes being labeled as rebellious and radical in there thinking. In early stages of one’s development in becoming an entrepreneur, people are often scolded and stereotyped as being a radical or crazy person in some of their decisions, but have you noticed that success does require some level of eccentric behavior.
What I’m trying to say is, I should have stopped listening to other people’s advice, and should have looked into my heart and just do it. Some people think they know it all, I should have stepped aside and do it my way with the guidance of a few trusted folks

4. Of course how can one not reflect in retrospect about her love life? My my, I think I may need to write a book and not a blog on this lol, never the less, to be candor, I must state that as an individual matures, mistakes will always be made in relation to the opposite sex. It has to do with our ability to learn how to court successfully and understand the other party. I hereby suggest that I should have chosen the guys I dated along the way with a bit more scrutiny. The thing is, I don’t feel too bad about this, as how does know or gather the intuition to unearth someone inhibitions when they meet them and start a relationship? That is what a relationship is all about as it proves to be sequential steps into courtship. If it works then you graduate to another level of togetherness and if not you identify what made the scenario go south and learn from that.

5. Lastly, when we gain independence in life, we quickly understand that partaking in life’s economics of financial gain is what helps distinguish us from being dependent on another or being an Independent soul. It’s true, think about it. However we yearn, crave and desire some intangibles and tangibles in the world that help bring us to our desired state of happiness. So we spend our money, only to realize that next week there is a new generation of ideas that have now superseded what we have and we therefore no longer have that “ new product status”

It happens to everyone, but again living life educates us about economics and teaches us about delayed gratification rather that expounding instant spending. Therefore I must declare that I should have saved more of my money for the rainy days that seem to be ever so torrential these days lol. Dollar here and there really does make the days seem bright and shiny and of course helps toward the following life cycle of retirement.


I hope some these declarations in my life as it relates to the things I should have paid closer attention to, enlightens your thinking also. We all have our regrets and promises, but at the end of the day we only have one life to live and we always want it to be enjoyable and full of happiness and love.

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    Oh wowww I think you hit it on the nail…I love the fact that you shared your personal experiences with us which is really hard for people these days…excellent blog and If i myself took my moms advice I prob would have probably reached a bit further at a shorter space of time..,

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