Soaring with a Soul Mate

April 18, 2017

Someone once said to me, you can fly once you’re anchored down with the right person in your life. That poignant saying was stuck in my head for days; I mean subconsciously it was in the back of my mind and the more I thought about it I realized how true it is. With the support of a loved one, you can feel like you’re on top of the world.

Compromise in any relationship is needed, however if you find yourself giving up things you are passionate about because your partner is putting you down for it, then that is a bad sign. Some people are possessive, controlling and feel better once they have the upper hand in the relationship. If these signs are visible in the beginning, don’t ignore them as they can be the crystal ball to seeing into your future.

Soaring with a partner is visible and a smile and will power exudes when you have someone rooting you on and encouraging you, resulting in remarkable things that you thought you won’t capable of.

The power of a partner; don’t rush – take your time to find the one.

Choosing a partner means choosing someone who you will have countless meals, birthdays, etc. so it is important to choose wisely. Take the time to figure out if the one that you are with is compatible because it is a key component.

When it comes to dating, too many people focus on the amount of time they spent with someone rather than how happy they are with the person. What would you prefer 10 years of major roller coaster rides with a person or 10 years of normalcy?

Amongst many purposes in life, soaring is key to moving up to bigger and better things. It will keep us motivated and give us a sense of purpose and with the right partner we can fly to higher heights.

I have seen people be too picky with a long list of what they want in a partner, which is fine, but keep in mind we are not perfect. I recall one my friends married a guy who she had met online and she said to me, “I will help him to dress better and start living a healthier lifestyle”. Fast forward 5 years later they have a beautiful baby girl and he accepted to make the changes to help him and their relationships. Although it is not quite possible to change someone’s personality or other things, but when you meet someone who may not fulfill the list of things you are looking for; there may be a possibility of finding a soul mate in the unexpected.

Don’t Settle! Know your worth, be your own decision maker and if you happen to bring your boyfriend/girlfriend around a family member and they pick up on a vibe and express it to you, please consider it more than likely their vibe is true.

Great luck finding the one

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  • Reply Mandy April 19, 2017 at 1:03 am

    Wise words, love your blog

  • Reply Crystal badal April 19, 2017 at 4:23 pm

    Such a perfect blog…I have a friend of mines who’s going the dating phase and I have to def pass this on to her as I think it will definitely help in some way…as a married person with a family I can total relate because choosing a partner is for life and in life you have different changes…good and bad and I can say is so comforting to have your person there by your side going through these life changes with you…beautiful blog rose…

  • Reply Sharon V April 19, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    Very well written Rose …… have touched all the areas as it should be …No one’s perfect and compromising is an area that a lot of couples don’t see eye to eye on…once u can do that and support each other u can soar to greater heights….wonderful blog….

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