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Arangetram Ceremony

September 2, 2017

I did it. I emceed my first Arangetram event; a lot of the words on the program were difficult to pronounce but I managed to get it done. Pranjal Jain (the dancer) her mom said to me before the event, ‘Rose I know you’re going to be perfect at this and we have faith in you that’s why we chose you’. At the end of the event she came up to me and said you were amazing and you did well, keep practicing because you will get more Arangetram to emcee in the future. Pranjal‘s father was walking around feeding everyone ladoo and when it was my turn he said double for me because I did an exceptional job. This was the most difficult event to date, but I’m happy it went well for the most part. I rehearsed for days with Guru Jamuna Mitcham which helped a lot. A few minutes into mic check, I called one of the sound engineers down to the podium because I had a question; he then said to me on a side note we love your voice and would love for you to voice all of our theatre announcements.

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