About Me


Hey everyone I am originally from Penal, Trinidad and now residing in New York.

Focusing on the community, culture, and people, I have solidified a permanent home in the world of radio broadcasting, emceeing and blogging. For over eight years, I have been touching the lives of listeners and viewers across the world. I have emceed over 100 stage shows and a variety of private parties. On the radio, I’d say my voice can soothe, excite, and tantalize listeners. I started blogging as a way to stay connected with my listeners and fell in love with it. Interviewing people fascinates me and I find it satisfying.

Hope you can stay on this journey with me and please feel free to message, tweet, inbox me at any time.

What attracted me to this career?

Answer: This Career that I’m currently in came to me preordained without me actually being
aware of it.  I was relating to someone
that “I wished I was one of those security guards at Nassau Coliseum, so I’ll
be able to meet these brilliant stars who often graced the auditorium with
their magnimous presence.”  “Imagine I would be able to be in the same room with them without any worries.” The person
I was telling it to coincidentally was a manager at a radio station, her response
was “I think I can make that happen, why don’t you try out to be a radio
announcer and you’ll be able to have access to all the cool stuff”.

I agreed, went in and met with the owner of the Radio Station and he interviewed me. He
later took me into the studio to record a vocal add, which he later used on
air. I trained for a while there then was given a show Fridays 4-8pm called
“Hungama”. She was right; I was able to have access to a lot of cool stuff. One
day the owners of the Dulhan Expo came in for a meeting with the owner of the
radio station. I remember it vividly; it was a Friday afternoon so I was in the
studio getting ready for my shift. They saw me and suggested that I should
model for their fashion segment. I gladly obliged and was stunned at this
opportunity. I therefore went to practice for this event which was carded for
the following three days. On Show day, my Mother and sister came to support me
as I was super excited for this opportunity. There I was on the grand Cat Walk
modeling and I looked down and saw a familiar face, the owner of a local store
whom I acknowledged discreetly.

A few weeks after that event, my mother went into her store and she told my mom that I
should contact her. Later that day, I did call her and she divulged to me that
she required my assistance in training her female models, as she was launching
a West Indian bridal expo and was immensely impressed with my modeling prowess.

After weeks of training these girls, I became more and more excited and I asked her if I
could emcee the same Bridal Expo event for her.
Without any reservation, she agreed and I also brought my friend singer
Rick Ramdehal to co-emcee with me.

During the break, I was backstage fixing my shawl and someone approached me to fix it.  He did a great job at it and when he was
done, he beseeched my attention for a moment. He stated that he would be
starting a Television Show next weekend and asked if I can co-host with him. I
took up the offer and believed that the past experience I possessed conducting
interviews with local stars would be an attractive challenge for me and contribute
to my future endeavors in this field.  I
was correct! Before I knew it, my Emceeing Career had sky-rocketed; I was
hooked indelibly and was constantly on a stage from then emceeing multiple live
stage shows and Concerts.

One day my brother Mahin called me and stated that the owner of a popular radio station which
he listens to religiously was in town and suggested I meet him.  It was super convenient as the owner of the
station; Mr. Dinesh Samtani happened to be located within minutes of where I
worked. I went over to his abode and introduced myself and met him cordially.
We made plans and I invited him to come over to my Television show in which I
conducted a brilliant and informing interview with him as he spoke about his
Station’s Brand and mission. What an enchanting experience, which led to his
view that I would be a perfect fit for the morning show that was available on
his frequency.

I got all the equipment needed to start my show. That opportunity is one that I will
never forget. I had the blessing to be on the airwaves Mondays to Fridays in
the mornings.

As I write this post I reminisce about my journey and the fact that it all happened because of a joke I made. To be
simply candour with my readers, I couldn’t see myself doing anything else, this
experience all occurred because deep down I had a yearning to be part of
something in which I didn’t think I would be part of. Sometimes we speak statements
driven by humor and wishful thinking and people may take our intensions
seriously because they see some intrinsic talent in us. As a result of this,
whether it be the manager of the of the radio station, the owner of the local
store or even the gentleman who asked to me to co-host with him, they saw that
I had potential. I took that drive and support from them and even others and
paved a destiny while embellishing the love that I had for Entertainment and
Emceeing.  I love being a part of it all, and would never trade it for anything in this world.  It is my journey and I haven’t completed it
yet, neither have I reached my destination.

As they say in my Industry; Stay Tuned !!