When did uou start doing radio?

Hi there I started doing radio back in 2006

Hi Rose, I admire your personality and how you are able to entertain and inform in such a powerful way. I have always struggled with public speaking as I am not as confident. What advise can you give to me to overcome my fear of public speaking? - College Student

Hey!  It’s normal to feel butterflies before your speech. Depending on your topic, ensure you compile material, do multiple research, jot down notes. Once you have vital information needed to deliver your speech, confidence will flow naturally. Once delivering your speech, connect with your audience, look around the room smile, it will be a room full of different personalities, allow them to warm up to you


ok why valentine, love is eveyday. every miniute. every second. So do u agree its just a little attention more and thats great. for those who are too busy to show it every day. one day in the year it should be everyday to remember one day to forget,

Its the excitement, couples, families look forward to it, I agree love should be expressed on a daily basis. However just like mothers day or fathers day etc. its a day set aside to do something extra special for you love ones.

Hey rose, on valentines day all the restaurants are so packed & you need to make reservations & all that, so my question to you is what are some other ways families, married couples & unmarried couples can spend valentines day?


Going out to dinner is always sweet. However there are other options as well depending on your budget.

Family – if you are accustom to having dinner together that’s lovely to be a little different on V day you can have a dinner party invite a few close friends and family over and have them bring a dish. Add some v day elements to the ambiance, balloons, heart shaped cakes, cookies, candles, I am sure every one will be smiling and having fun.

Married – Get away from it all, rent a room, can pick up dinner or order in, be sure to stop off at the flower shop to get some rose petals, sprinkle it all over the room, light some candles and have a romantic night!

This can be done at home as well, adding a nice extra touch is having the wife or hubby whom ever is not accustom to cooking prepare a meal, rose, wine, candles, music, that should def be enjoyable.


Dating – Dinner and a movie seems so perfect if you are dating. Sitting across the table admiring that person, chatting up a storm, getting to know them much more and sitting closely at the movies…hmmmm

ok ok..lets discuss plan B…lol

if you have time during the day, have a picnic at the park/beach, take a basket, a blanket and get cozy…. If you live where its snowing like I do….lol…..Cook and invite the person over, then head out and paint the town red, check out a movie, a Broadway show, V day concert!!!

Hope this helps!! Happy Valentine

Hii rose, since you are a NYC girl when would you say is the best time to visit NY for shopping etc?

Hiiii, I love that word shopping…lol

I’m assuming you are in search of the best deals. Holidays are great for shopping, they offer some good deals, for summer clothing I’d say you can take advantage of the July 4th sales, fall – Labor Day (September). Most definitely black Friday (November). End of the season closeouts and clearance offer up some of the best deals which will allow you to save a lot.